Les Anis de Flavigny® are made using 3 or 4 ingredients: a green anise seed (Pimpinella Anisum), beet sugar and a natural flavouring. A plant extract is added to enhance the flavour of the rose, violet, lemon, orange flower and blackcurrant flavours.

We select only natural raw materials that do not contain any insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or heavy metals. We ensure that suppliers provide us with their own analyses and then carry out additional analyses on consignments delivered to our factory. We select our green anise seed within the Mediterranean region for the quality of its flavour. This fragile plant is vulnerable to rain, wind and storms and so it isn’t possible to harvest mature plants (highest levels of anethenol) in France. The sugar beet is harvested in northern France, and then processed in a refinery in Champagne-Ardenne, which neighbours the Bourgogne region.

As for our flavourings, they are completely natural as well: aniseed, rose, violet, orange flower, blackcurrant, mint, liquorice, mandarin, ginger, lemon and coffee.


For many years we have predominantly worked with the flavour specialists of Grasse, a town that is well-known for its centuries-old flavouring expertise.

Anis de Flavigny

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